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Strategy Session

Strategy Session: Unlock Your Path to Success

Experience a transformative and personalized Strategy Session designed to unlock your full potential in the reverse mortgage industry. This exclusive 60-minute session is your key to achieving your goals, gaining expert guidance, and developing a strategic roadmap for success.

During our Strategy Session, our experienced Coaches will work closely with you to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Strengths and Opportunities Assessment: Identify your unique strengths and discover untapped opportunities for growth.
  2. Loan Assistance: Receive expert guidance on specific loans, ensuring smooth navigation through complexities.
  3. Marketing Strategies: Discuss effective marketing techniques tailored to your business to expand your reach and attract more clients.
  4. Brainstorming and Advice: Engage in a productive "pick my brain" session, tapping into our expertise and experience.
  5. Immediate Action Steps: Receive actionable insights and recommendations to accelerate the growth of your reverse mortgage business.
  6. Miscellaneous Topics: Address any additional business-related matters that arise during the session.

Our Strategy Session is a dedicated and focused opportunity to gain valuable insights, customized advice, and a strategic roadmap to propel your reverse mortgage business forward.

Don't miss this chance to unlock your path to success. Book your Strategy Session today and take a crucial step toward achieving your goals!

What People Are Saying:

I am not an “expert” on RM but I WILL be and this is all thanks to Christina and her giving spirit…however her giving freely can only take us so far… I highly suggest booking a one-on-one strategy session with Christina Harmes Hika. So you can really dive into what it means to be a RM specialist. These sessions are very reasonably priced and in my experience the boost I needed to go to the next level. Invest in yourself, it is a game changer for sure!

Tiffany Nyiri Powell, Broker/Owner Active Lending Group

Christina is amazing and super knowledgeable. With her in your corner, you cannot go wrong! I highly recommend her courses and one on one coaching for your roadmap to success

Angela Wyckoff, Reverse Mortgage Specialist