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Hi, I'm Christina Harmes Hika and I have been in the Reverse Mortgage industry for years. My experience as a loan officer, mentor, and coach has helped 100s of clients to meet their retirement goals. 

Now, I'm making my experience available to you with a number of different course, opportunities, and programs that won't take you away from your busy schedules or bog you down into details that you can't put into action. 

Click the link below to view some of the amazing offerings and don't hesitate to send me a message if you aren't sure what is right for you.

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Personal Coaching

12 weeks of personalized group training, mentoring, and coaching

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Bootcamp Workshops

2 Full days of non-stop in depth training with industry leaders

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90 minute Masterclasses

A catalog of amazing 90 minute subject matter training materials

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I have all The Tools You Need To Be Successful with Your Clients

Let me help you navigate through the details that you don't have time to look into or let me give you the ammunition you need to take your own files to completion. 

My proven methods are grown from the partnerships with industry leaders, lending partners, and other Reverse focused individuals that will become your playbook for driving client success.

Build Relationships that Produce successful Outcomes

As you work through my courses or as we work together in my private coaching offerings, you will get to see first hand how Reverse can give your clients outcomes that they never imagined possible. 

I use real client examples and even your own files to mentor you through closing and if you are too busy, you can even refer the file to me AND still get paid when it closes.

The best part is that you can choose what fits best for you!

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Pssst - I am offering a set of Masterclasses never before compiled in one place that will give you the knowledge you need without having to go through piles of documents or regulations just to get started.


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