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Reverse Mortgage Mastermind Community

$3.00 USD every month

Reverse Mortgage Mentor- Private Coaching Program

If you like headaches, misleading elderly clients, wasting your time and losing commissions in the process, love feeling completely confused without a mentor to guide you… then you can stop reading here because the rest of this information is not for you.   If you’re serious about growing your reverse mortgage business, in the fastest, smoothest, most supportive and hassle free way, then I am here for you.    I take my decades of experience as a top reverse mortgage producer along with years of teaching forward loan officers how to succeed in reverse and give you all the shortcuts.  With experience as  Realtor and a forward loan officer for years, there is no one better to guide you to the fastest understanding of reverse, and success in it by building on your existing loan knowledge. Something that is missing from the marketplace.   This is a custom program, where we dive into your business and learn hand in hand.   What is included: 9 weeks of scheduled 90 minute one on one calls with Christina directly Text & email support M-F 9-4 pm PST Up to five - 30 minute “one off” meetings if & when you get a new lead to dial in the proposal within 24 hours. Custom marketing plan and guidance for your specific skill set, existing business mix and referral partners. Custom advice on your most successful referral paths and other marketing you are interested in (I’ve tried it all). We develop your reverse mortgage presentation together and schedule it for near the end of our 9 weeks so you get immediate leads. We work on marketing for the duration to get your audience to your presentation. Access to the Masterclass bundle 1 year access to mastermind calls I run   As rates rise this is the best time to start getting into reverse, you don’t just turn on reverse one day, it takes time to build, but with coaching, you will take a fraction of the time it would trying to figure this stuff out all on your own. NOTE*** be sure you have received an email from me saying "congratulations, you've been accepted"  before purchasing this, otherwise, your money will simply be refunded.

2 monthly payments of $4,999.95 USD

Strategy Session

$330.00 USD

90-minute focused 1:1 call to accomplish any or all of the following goals:
1) Strengths and opportunities assessment & advice
2) Get help on a specific loan
3) Discuss marketing
4) DIscuss any "pick my brain" items you wish
5) Get some immediate steps to take to grow your reverse business
6) Misc- this call can handle other topics necessary as they come up